We are Heli and Aki Siponen. You will most probably meet us in Vierumäki Cooke golf course or just hanging around in the club house or in the Sports Institute. Occasionally, quite often actually, we may also be in Konala, Helsinki. We have a good time together enjoying golfing, travelling in Finland and abroad or at home hanging online.

In our work we often visit customers in different parts of Finland, traveling by train or taking the scenic route by car, discussing and occasionally listening to some good book. Also, Tallinn is a habitual travel target, always by ferry, visiting our colleagues.

What is this

This is our personal site. As we have a domain (siponen.fi), we do naturally have to have a site. This site is at best semi-active. Seems that updates happen only when it’s absolutely necessary.

But one never knows if we start blogging enthusiastically. Time will tell.

Our online activities are more pronounced in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The site has been transferred to a WordPress platform on the last possible moment, Sharepoint Online support for public web sites finally ceased end of March 2018.

About us

Picture of Heli Siponen
Heli is grandma for Venla, Pilvi, Otto, Lily and Fati. She spends as much time as possible with the children. Heli appreciates opera, theater, “Ein fall für Zwei” and other German detective series, lately also Spanish and Italian epic dramas, like Gran Hotel, and golf.
Picture of Aki Siponen
Aki plays floorball as a goalie with friends and colleagues during the winter and golf with widely variable success in the summer. He is fond of cooking, books, movies and music. And Heli.


We live in Vierumäki and in Konala, Helsinki. Our four children have their homes conveniently near our homes in Lahti area and Konala.

Professionally speaking

You can contact us through our Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter accounts. The links are at the bottom of the page.

We both work at Net Group Nordic Oy, a subsidiary of Net Group Oü.

In Finland Net Group concentrates on energy and utilities sector customers with Synerall customer service and billing solution. Business intelligence and analytics solutions are also an important element in Net Group’s offering.

You can read all about customers and solutions in Net Group Nordic LinkedIn account.

picture of Heli Siponen
Heli Siponen
Sales and Country Manager
Net Group Nordic Oy
+358 40 536 9800
picture of Aki Siponen
Aki Siponen
Project Director
Net Group Nordic Oy
+358 40 536 9800